Think the Game

Think The Game Quiz (June)

Think the Game challenges you to think through in-game situations on a college level and learn from common mistakes. Are you ready for the college level mental game and decision-making? Find out by taking this Think the Game Quiz! Can you figure out these difficult situations without checking back to previous TTGs for the answer? Give it a shot and scroll down to see the answers at the bottom of the page.

  1. True or False?  It’s a 3-3 game, Top 7. Runners are at 1st and 3rd with no outs, when the batter hits one back to the pitcher. The runner from 3rd breaks home before realizing his mistake and stopping in no-man’s-land. The pitcher turns to second to start the 1-6-3 double play and the runner from third continues home. The pitcher did the right thing by trading the run to get 2 outs.
  2. True or False?  The defense has shifted the shortstop over on the second base side and moved the second baseman into shallow right field for a lefty batter. The ball is hit softly at the second baseman. The shortstop should be as aggressive to the ball as he can and field the ball on the run, even if it’s in the second baseman’s lane.
  3. True or False?  3-0 counts are the best time for fielders to take a mental break because the batter is less likely to swing.







  1. False.  You’ll find the details  here.
  2. True.  You’ll find the details  here.
  3. False. You’ll find the details  here.