About the Organization

Keep Playing Baseball (KPB) is a Davis, California-based organization providing cost-free educational resources and financial support to youth baseball players and families. Our aim is to make the path to college baseball—and thus, a college degree—affordable for players from any background.

Our work starts locally in Northern California where our Registration Assistance Program (“RAP”), free Little League clinics series, and college tuition scholarship program for first-generation college baseball players provide financial support and free play opportunities at two times when players are most likely to quit for financial reasons.

This website, which has received over a million visits from every state and dozens of countries around the world, provides free, essential resources to aspiring college baseball players and families navigating the college search and recruiting process.

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Our Mission

Keep Playing Baseball’s mission is to provide youth baseball players with cost-free access to the knowledge, resources, and support needed to play college baseball and earn a college degree.

Our Story

We created Keep Playing Baseball and this website in memory of Scott Heinig, a young high school coach and former Division I pitcher who passed away in 2011. Scott was dedicated to helping high school players to succeed and have the opportunity to play baseball in college. Scott’s family, friends, and former teammates thought that a website could be used to continue this effort.

Since launching KeepPlayingBaseball.org in 2011, our organization has continued to grow. The website has seen more than 1 million visitors since, 155,000+ who have visited in 2023 alone. In the last few years, we have also provided free youth baseball clinics for Little Leaguers, started a registration assistance program to pay league fees for those who can't afford to, and launched a college tuition scholarship for first-generation college students pursuing baseball opportunities at four year colleges or universities.

All of the information on this site is provided free to anyone who wants it. No sign-ups, no fees, and no strings attached. Keep Playing Baseball does not accept allow funding to interfere with our unbiased content. This website is supported entirely by the donations from Scott’s friends, family, community, and others who stepped forward to support youth baseball.

All of the content on our pages comes from those who know best how to improve your chances to play college baseball, more than 80 active and former players and 40 active and former coaches from all levels of college baseball. The players and coaches participated by answering surveys, participating in interviews or focus groups, or writing content.

None of the participating players or coaches received compensation of any kind. They chose to help us because they love the game of baseball, want to encourage you to keep playing, and because they are the best kind of teammates.

Keep Playing Baseball is not part of any recruitment efforts of any school, location, division, conference, or level. We aim to represent college baseball at all levels accurately and truthfully. We use stock photos for most of our images. When we use quotes from active players, we’ll tell you their position, level of college baseball, and state where their college is located.

The Truth

We can’t promise you anything. Even if you follow every piece of advice on this website, it is still possible that you won’t be able to play at the college of your choice or even at all. We won’t lie to you or pretend that there is any method that works for all players. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you know everything that you need to know to succeed, but information can only do so much. The rest (a lot of hard work, focus, and follow through) is up to you.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to be able to provide any individualized information or support to players or their families.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page here.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Friends, family, and community members who donated to the Scott Heinig Youth Baseball Fund or Keep Playing Baseball. 100+ active and former college players, dozens of active and former college coaches, and the parents of active and former college players who have provided insight and helped us deliver accurate content.

A special thank you to KPB Hall of Fame donors, the Wilson Family and Elyse Nolan Foundation for their support of the 2018 website upgrade project.


We would like to dedicate this website to the Davis Senior High School varsity baseball teams of 2011 and 2012 and to all the high school players working to take their game to the next level – How Great Is Life Today?

The KPB Team

Ethan Guevin (Pitcher/IF, Carleton College, Class of 2009) – Founder and Executive Director
Tom Briner (Pitcher, UC Davis, Class of 2012) – Founder and Board Member
Eric Johnson (Infielder, UC Davis, Class of 2012) – Founder and Board Member
Jim Klein (Infielder, Carleton College, Class of 2011) – Board Member
The Heinig Family

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