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I was a college coach for 5+ years, as a recruiting coordinator at multiple schools, and I also worked for a paid recruiting service — and I can say without a doubt that KPB produces the best recruiting content available. Their guidance is honest, useful, and truly expert. For an aspiring college baseball player, there’s simply no better resource.
-Andrew Bennett, Former College Baseball Coach
KPB has the most extensive, user friendly database of information on the college baseball recruiting process, hands down. The attention to detail caters towards the average family seeking to be educated on everything from skill development tips and NCAA rules to what college coaches are looking for in a player on and off the field. They even have a year-by-year breakdown of where the player’s focus should be based on his high school grade level. The content is in line with how we personally guide the hundreds of players in our program. There’s not a better resource anywhere on a topic where so many families are misinformed, and it’s 100% free.
-Brian Dempsey, Owner/Director, Power Baseball and Turn2 Sports & Performance
We love KPB here at John Carroll. I often have parents and players that are overwhelmed by the whole recruiting process, and I send them to the resources at KPB. It’s hands down the most informative website out there, and it’s accessible to anyone. The fact that the resources are free, and reliable is incredible. Every year we send our players to their respective checklists and have them review material in our chalk talks. We strongly encourage our parents to take time with their kids to review the website, and we’ve gotten great feedback from many that are extremely pleased with the insights and information there. We love it, and believe in the mission. We support KPB!
-Darrion Siler, High School Baseball Coach, Maryland
Keep Playing Baseball is an incredible resource and if you are a parent navigating the recruiting process, you would be making a big mistake by not utilizing all of their resources.  Between their website, podcasts, and responses to emails, there isn’t anything about the college baseball recruiting process they don’t know and won’t help you with.  KPB has the expertise to help guide you through the recruiting process whether you are just learning it, or have spent a considerable amount of time researching it.  Committing to the correct college is such an important decision and KPB can really help educate the player and parents to making the best decision possible.
-High School/Youth Baseball Coach, Indiana
Keep Playing Baseball is legit! KPB’s website and diverse resources should be a permanent bookmark for every high school ballplayer and their parents! A plethora of information presented in bite-sized pieces, KPB has it figured out. Transparent, professional, collaborative, and forward-thinking, KPB’s offerings to aspiring ballplayers are unmatched.
-Owen Reid, Baseball Coach and Found of Reid Baseball


As a single mother trying to help my son through the baseball recruiting process, I feel like Ethan and KPB have become my allies. Last year I set out to learn as much as I could so we can be proactive in finding a college fit, and KPB has been my most reliable, consistent source of information, guidance and encouragement ever since. I posed a very specific question once, and within the week, Ethan had put out new KPB content to answer it! They truly care and are here to help!
-Michelle Barry, High School Baseball Parent, California
Keep Playing Baseball “KPB” has been instrumental in our search, planning and finding the right university for our son to continue his baseball career, while getting a high academic education. They’re a wealth of knowledge, resources and support for our family. Before discovering KPB it was a confusing and expensive maze of recruiting options but KPB has streamlined the process and made it possible with their support and FREE resources for us to take control of our destiny.  I’m amazed at their generosity and sincerity and responsiveness, they feel like part of our family.  Not to mention my son and I love their articles and podcast! Thank you so much Ethan and company!
-High School Baseball Parent, Florida
Just wanted to drop a quick note to you and say THANK YOU and everyone involved with keepplayingbaseball.org for making the info and site available!!   We live in Tennessee and my son is a sophomore in high school.  He thinks he might want to continue playing baseball in college, but the path to get there can be very confusing and expensive.  The information and advice you provide via Twitter and the website have been super educational and encouraging.  We don’t have to be in a hurry and we don’t have to spend a fortune going to every showcase and camp out there!!  So thank you again for your honesty, direction and professionalism!  You have already helped our family a ton and we will continue to use the site for the next two years!!
-High School Baseball Parent, Tennessee
We definitely appreciate all of the free, informative, and helpful information that the staff at the Keep Playing Baseball page had provided for us. Not only was the site extra informative, but the staff was kind enough to respond to direct messages with certain questions that I had, and they answered them in a very timely and professional fashion. I feel this site is an excellent resource for any high school and even college players looking to get help on being wanted and accepted to a college program.
-College Baseball Parent, Florida