KPB Recruiting 101

Step 6: What to Read and Research

The ‘Read This’ section of Step 6 aims to make you a master at communicating with college baseball coaches. The resources under ‘Read This’ for Step 6 will:

  • Give you tips on how to successfully communicate with college coaches
  • Help you understand the importance of being responsive and detail oriented
  • Help you get comfortable asking difficult questions so that you get the information you need about each program
  • Help you narrow down your search and work towards campus visits for programs where there is mutual interest

And much more.

We’ve boiled the ‘Read This’ section down to the essentials, and it’s all about communication and relationship building. In addition to the articles in ‘Read This’, you’ll want to really focus on attention to detail. At this stage of the recruiting process, even the smallest details like calling or emailing back promptly or writing sloppy emails can make or break your commitment. There are many recruits who have the ability and drive to play college baseball, so coaches are looking at everything to help make their decisions. Use the search tool in the upper right corner to search more detailed questions you have or look up keywords. The Categories search tool in the side bar is another great way to explore Step 6 topics in depth.

If you haven’t visited the KPB blog (Also easily accessed from the main menu at the top under the KPB Content tab), you’ll want to bookmark it and explore it regularly. This is where we share our most up-to-date advice on managing your own recruiting process.

These topics and keywords are particularly useful for Step 6: Communication, Questions, Detail, Research, Investigation, Honesty

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