KPB Recruiting 101

Step 7: What to Read and Research

The ‘Read This’ section of Step 7 aims to get you prepared to ace your campus visits. The resources under ‘Read This’ for Step 7 will:

  • Tell you what you can expect out of a campus visit
  • Help you understand the importance of showing up prepared and doing research before arriving on campus for a visit
  • Give you best practices for the day of the visit
  • Help you evaluate each campus visit after it happens

And much more.

We’ve boiled the ‘Read This’ section down to the essentials, and you won’t want to skip any of the reading for this incredibly important step.  You’ll want to read these resources before you start taking campus visits. Campus visits are a huge stepping stone in the recruiting process and if things go well, the recruiting process can speed up quickly. You want to be as informed as possible going into your visits so that you can focus on getting the information you need to make a final decision and impress with your preparedness.

In addition to the articles in ‘Read This’, you’ll want to start thinking seriously about whether you can see yourself at each school you visit. This means all your hard work up to this point is getting you close to a decision and commitment. Use the search tool in the upper right corner to research topics of interest and help you make informed decisions. The Categories search tool in the side bar is another great way to explore Step 7 topics in depth.

If you haven’t visited the KPB blog (Also easily accessed from the main menu at the top under the KPB Content tab), you’ll want to bookmark it and explore it regularly. This is where we share our most up-to-date advice on managing your own recruiting process.

These topics and keywords are particularly useful for Step 7: Research, Visits, Offers, Scholarships, Walk-On, Campus Visit, Coaching Philosophies, Questions, Preparation

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