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Preparing to Play College Baseball: An Introduction

“If I could do the recruiting process over again, I would start earlier.” -D1 Infielder, Michigan

Preparing to Play College Baseball

The thought of playing college baseball may seem like it’s a long way off. After all, you still have a few years before going to college is even an option. But, the time will go by quickly! You need to get started on your future as a college baseball player today. The things you do now will make a big difference on your college baseball options. As early as 9th grade, the decisions you make on the field, off the field, and in school will influence when, where, and if you get to play baseball in college. Getting started early will give you the best chance to develop the qualities and skills necessary to become a legitimate college baseball prospect.

We know you may be worried about whether you will be good enough to play baseball in college and that you don’t know what to do to get recruited. Not knowing what it takes to play college baseball can be intimidating. Luckily, you don’t have to try to figure it all out on your own.  If your goal is to play college baseball, we are here to help! We have a short series of articles called Preparing to Play College Baseball to help you understand what it takes to play at the college level and give you concrete steps you can follow to become a serious college baseball recruit.

While it takes a lot of hard work to become a college baseball player, you are better prepared to take your game to the next level than you may think. Many of the skills you learned while participating in the Junior Giants program will help you succeed. There’s a lot for you to do, so let’s take a look at everything that we will cover.

To develop into a college baseball player, you will need to improve your abilities in the following four core areas outlined in the Preparing to Play College Baseball articles:

Skill Development

Think the Game


Attitude + Effort

In each article, we will discuss the college baseball expectations for that core area and describe the four parts or “bases” that you need to work on now so you can grow and develop the essential skills that college coaches will be looking for in the future. Improving in these four core areas will require time, commitment, and persistence. The information is free, but only you can put in the work to make the team!

To get started, read the articles dedicated to helping you grow and develop in each of the 4 core areas. Take the first step to learn about the importance of Skill Development by clicking here.