Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keep Playing Baseball?

Keep Playing Baseball (KPB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2012. KPB provides free information on the recruiting process and player development for high school baseball players looking to play at any level in college. We created www.KeepPlayingBaseball.org and www.KPBrecruiting101.org in memory of Scott Heinig, a young high school coach and former Division 1 pitcher who passed away in 2011. Scott was dedicated to helping high school players succeed and have the opportunity to play baseball in college, and KPB was created to continue Scott’s effort. All website content is created by current and former college coaches, players, and parents of players, and all the information provided is free. No sign-ups, no fees, no strings attached.

Our mission at Keep Playing Baseball is simple: We are committed to providing the most accurate information and advice on the college baseball recruiting process at no cost. Above all else, our goal at Keep Playing Baseball is to give every high school player the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the recruiting process and make playing baseball in college a reality.

Who started KeepPlayingBaseball.org and KPBrecruiting101.org?

KeepPlayingBaseball.org was started by the teammates, family, and friends of Scott Heinig, a former Division I pitcher and baseball coach who passed away in 2011.

Does anything on KeepPlayingBaseball.org cost money?

No, everything on KeepPlayingBaseball.org and it’s partner site KPBrecruiting101.org is free and offered at no cost to our readers.

Is Keep Playing Baseball a recruiting service?

No. Keep Playing Baseball is not a recruiting service and does not have the ability to provide individualized guidance or advice on personal decision to any recruit or their family. We are happy to answer general questions about the recruiting process, process oriented question about the steps players need to take to play in college, or any questions you have about our websites and resources. Please feel free to ask us any questions, and we will let you know if it is outside the scope of our support.

Can Keep Playing Baseball guarantee that I’ll play baseball in college?

No. Keep Playing Baseball knows that there are no guarantees when it comes to playing college baseball. Keep Playing Baseball shares information from experienced college baseball players and coaches who have volunteered to help us. The hard work, determination, and skills that you need to play college baseball have to come from you. In fact, if anyone “guarantees” that they can get you on any specific college team, you should research them thoroughly before you give them any of your time or money.

Why do you repeat some of the same information during different steps of the recruiting process?

There are two reasons why we repeat some of the information shared on both KeepPlayingBaseball.org and KPBrecruiting101.org.

  • We repeated some of the most important information that you need to know because we can’t ensure that all players start using Keep Playing Baseball resources when they first start the recruiting process. If someone starts using the websites later in the recruiting process or later in high school, repeating certain information helps improve the chances that they will be informed of the NCAA rules and other important information they should know moving forward.
  • The recruiting process works in cycles. While there are clear steps that recruits must take, some steps continue throughout the entire recruiting process. For example, a recruit should always be learning more about college baseball and the college baseball recruiting process throughout the recruiting process, even if they are committed. Even we are still learning new things about the recruiting process! Because information can be relevant multiple times throughout an individual recruit’s recruiting process, Keep Playing Baseball notifies users accordingly.
Can I contact coaches directly through KPBrecruiting101.org or KeepPlayingBaseball.org?

No. Keep Playing Baseball relays information directly from experienced college baseball players and coaches. However, Keep Playing Baseball does not have access to any individual coach or group of coaches. Keep Playing Baseball is not part of the recruitment efforts for any school, location, division, conference, or level.

Can I set up a profile on KPBrecruiting 101.org or KeepPlayingBaseball.org?

No. Keep Playing Baseball is an information based resource that aims to give you the information and guidance needed to take charge of your own recruiting process. At Keep Playing Baseball we believe that you are your own best advocate. While it can be helpful to create a recruiting profile online, we believe this should be a small part of a bigger recruiting strategy, and we do not provide this platform.

Who are the “experts” on KeepPlayingBaseball.org and KPBrecruiting101.org?

Keep Playing Baseball’s board members have several collective decades of experience in college baseball and the recruiting process as recruits, players, coaches, and parents of recruits and players. We lean heavily on a network of current and former college coaches and players to create content directly  those who know college baseball and the recruiting process best. The content on the website was provided either directly or in response to surveys, interviews, or focus groups by countless experienced college players and coaches, spanning all levels from D1 to JC and NAIA. These college baseball insiders have provided assistance without any compensation because they love baseball and want to help you find a college baseball fit.

Why aren’t players’ pictures or names used on all the posts or quotes?

Because of NCAA rules, no active players’ names or pictures can be used on the site. Because of this, we have used a lot of stock photos on the site. We know it’s obvious.  We will be using names and images of players after they are no longer eligible to play college ball. If players or coaches asked us not to use their names, we have just included the quote and omitted any identifying information.

Is Keep Playing Baseball affiliated with the NCAA?

No, we are not affiliated nor endorsed by the NCAA or any other collegiate athletic organization. The NCAA is ALWAYS the best source of information about playing college baseball in the NCAA. They have many online resources for you at www.ncaa.org. We are here to share advice from players who have “been there,” not to provide official approval or advice while you search for colleges.