KPB Recruiting 101

Intro to Step 3

By now, you likely have a great understanding for how to use the step pages to move your recruiting process along. The first two steps have been about understanding all the college baseball opportunities available to you and learning what you will have to do to be recruited to play at the next level.

Step 3 is where you turn all your learning and research into an action plan. During this step, you will create your own personalized recruiting plan. This is a critical step towards playing college baseball! Many players want to play in college but very few take the time to map out a plan for how they will make that happen. Your plan will be a work in progress as you perfect your process for getting better on the field and in the classroom, but it gives you direction for how to get from where you are today to where you want to be at the end of high school. In Step 3 you will learn about:

  • Setting goals and standards that will help you play college baseball at the highest level you desire
  • The importance of timing and taking advantage of opportunities
  • The importance of paying attention to details
  • How to seek out and use feedback and constructive criticism to improve your recruiting and development plan

And much more!

For step 3, pay special attention to the Academics and Development sections, as they hold important clues for how to create a successful and cost-effective recruiting plan. Continue to use the KPB Blog for the most up-to-date information and guidance on the recruiting process. Most importantly, understand the importance of patience. 95% of the recruiting process is learning, developing, improving, and waiting for the right opportunity to impress college coaches. This takes lots of patience, but you have lots to do creating a successful recruiting plan to keep you busy until your time to seek exposure. Keep up the good work!

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