KPB Recruiting 101

Intro to Step 4

You are now well into the recruiting process. You are informed, you know what lies ahead, and you are busy preparing for your opportunity to contact college coaches and seek exposure. Step 4 is packed with important information. Most recruits will spend most of their high school career in steps 1-4. This is normal! In fact, most college baseball players don’t start having meaningful contact with college coaches or receive positive exposure until their upperclassmen years as well. Your patience will pay off, but in the meantime there is still lots to learn and do to prepare for the moment you decide to seek exposure and go for it! In Step 4 you will:

  • Learn about the value of being patient
  • Learn how to prepare for contact with college coaches
  • Learn what college coaches are looking for on the recruiting trail
  • Learn how to recognize when it’s time to start contacting college coaches
  • Learn the best way to contact college coaches

And much more!

For Step 4, continue to improve your recruiting plan and most importantly, make sure you are prepared for what lies ahead. There will be ups and downs in your search for a college fit, but you will be prepared for success by following the guidelines in Step 4!

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