Think the Game

Think The Game Quiz (September)

Think the Game challenges you to think through in-game situations on a college level and learn from common mistakes. Are you ready for the college level mental game and decision-making? Find out by taking this Think the Game Quiz! Can you figure out these difficult situations without checking back to previous TTGs for the answer? Give it a shot and scroll down to see the answers at the bottom of the page.

  1. True or False? Pop-up priority is a fool proof method for deciding who should catch each fly ball or pop-up. Center fielders have priority over corner outfielders. Outfielders have priority over infielders. Shortstop is priority on the infield and middle infielders have priority over corner guys. All infielders have priority over catcher, etc. You should always follow this model.
  2. True or False? There is never a good reason to ever let a catchable fly ball drop on purpose.
  3. True or False? The bullpen is an important training ground for catchers. Even when you have multiple bullpens to catch in one session, it’s important to focus your efforts on creating quality habits and doing things game-like because those habits, good or bad, will transfer into the game.

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  1. False. Find out more details here.
  2. False. Find out more details here.
  3. True. Find out more details here.