Think the Game

Think The Game Catchers Quiz

Okay catchers, this one is for you. We’re back with a Think the Game quiz to see how well you know your position. Are you ready to be a college backstop? Can you answer our quiz without checking back to previous TTGs for the answer? Let’s find out! Scroll down on the page to see the answers at the bottom. 

  1. True or False? Catchers can tip pitches (show the opposing team what pitch is coming) with their set up and stance, just like pitchers can. 
  2. True or False? When there is a popup in foul territory, you should toss away your mask right away so you can find the ball as quickly as possible. 
  3. True or False? When your pitchers are having a really rough inning and your team gets behind big, it’s okay to give just one sign with a runner on second base, because your pitcher needs to keep things simple. 

Scroll down to see if you got the answers right! 




  1. True. You’ll find the details here. 
  1. False. You’ll find the details here.  
  1. False. You’ll find the details here.