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Letter To My High School Self: Valuable Lessons From College Players

Looking Back at the Season

Lessons are easier when you learn from others. If you have ever taken the time to pause after a long season and reflect on what you did well and what you could have done differently to have better results, you already know the power of hindsight. Luckily, hindsight doesn’t have to be something that eats away at you as you look back in regret. Looking back is a great recipe for making positive changes for the future. Those doubts that led to poor intent, that workout that you failed to get to regularly, and the important mechanical adjustment you didn’t make until the end of the season are all things you can learn from and use to improve moving forward. You solidify your routine so you have confidence. You prioritize working out over extra reps. You stick with the mechanical change that led to so much success. Easy, right?

Learning from Others

Learning from mistakes in the college baseball search to improve for the future involves the same kind of process, but with one major difference. You only get one crack at the recruiting process out of high school. Luckily, we have the perfect solution—you can learn lessons from the experiences of others who have been in your position and made it to the next level. Learning from others will help you avoid making mistakes the first time!

As a source of player-to-player information, we pride ourselves on delivering these important lessons from players who are having or have had success at the college level. Not surprising, our Letter to My High School Self series is a favorite. To help you access these lessons from current and former college players who have been in your shoes and come out successfully on the other side, we figured we would link all the articles in the series. Check out all the different Letter to My High School Self articles for yourself by clicking the links below!

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Stay tuned for more letters to come!