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Ready to Commit? A List of Things to Consider

To commit or not to commit? That’s the big question in recruiting. Sitting in our office, we can’t tell you whether the time is right for you to commit. Of course, there is a lot of thought that goes into your decision to commit. And, it’s a very personal decision that requires a balance of emotional satisfaction and rational thought. We have many in-depth  articles that address making a commitment. This checklist (in terms of information) is meant to remind you to think long and hard about your potential commitment from every angle. We hope it makes you pause and really consider why a program is right for you.

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Urgency of Decision

  • Is there an offer deadline, pressure from coaches, or other reason a decision to commit is needed right now?
  • What year are you in high school? Do you have a little or a lot more time to find the right fit?
  • Are there other current offers or potential offers coming or expected?
  • Are you wanting to commit because the timing is right for you?  Or are you feeling pressure because your peers are doing it?

Program Fit

  • Do you have an understanding of the program’s strength and conditioning philosophy and how it is integrated with baseball skill work?
  • Does the opportunity match with your priorities (playing time, highest level possible, winning program, specific position, specific major, location, campus environment, etc.)?
  • Have you verified that the playing time opportunities align with your skill level?
  • Is the standard of play a good fit for you?
  • Is the team culture is a good fit for you?

School Fit

  • Right location to commit?
  • Right weather?
  • Is the school in the right proximity to home for you?
  • Are the housing options a good fit for you?
  • Is the student population a good fit for you?

Academic Fit

  • Is the academic culture a good fit for you to commit?
  • Does the program offer your major/desired area of study?
  • Does your major/desired area of study work with the baseball schedule?
  • Does the team have an academic advisor/support person?
  • Is the level of academic support available right for what you need to be successful?
  • Have you check on the program’s track record on player graduation?
  • Do you understand the admission requirements and how you’ll achieve them?

Financial Fit

  • Does the cost of attendance fit your budget?
    • Do you understand of scholarship rules?
    • Have you calculated out-of-pocket costs?
  • Are student loan amounts manageable?
    • Do you fully understand the requirements for loan repayment?

Online Research

  • Are you familiar with program’s roster?
  • Are you familiar with program’s history?
  • Are you familiar with current player characteristics?
  • Are you following coaches and current players on social media?
  • Are you familiar with program’s track record on transfers and player continuity?

Campus Visit

  • Have you been on a campus visit?
  • Is the campus environment/atmosphere right for you?

Relationship with Coaches

  • Do you know all you need to know about the head coach?
  • Do you know all you need  to know about the positional coaches?
  • Is the coach’s personality a good fit for you?
  • Will you be happy there if some or all of the coaches leave?

Correspondence with Current Players

  • Have you spoken with more than one current player about what it’s like to play there?

Questions Answered

  • Have you had a chance to ask coaching staff any questions?
  • Have your parents had a chance to ask coaching staff any questions?

Clear Expectations Moving Forward

  • Do you understand academic expectations/requirements moving forward?
  • Do you understand performance expectations/requirements (if commitment hinges on future performance)?
  • Do you understand developmental and training expectations (e.g. lifting)?

Security of Commitment

  • Are you guaranteed roster spot?
  • Are you able to sign and make the commitment official now?
  • Is there a lot of time remaining in high school (more time left=more that could change—your interests, coaching staff, etc.)?
  • Do you understand what circumstances might lead to a de-commitment?
    • What happens in the case of injury?
    • What happens in the case of recruiting coordinator change?
    • Other reasons program may pull an offer?