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Parents’ Role in the Recruiting Process: A Crash Course


Parents often have a difficult time understanding their role in the college recruiting process. If you’re struggling with how to best help your ballplayer, how involved you should be, or what to do as a parent during different stages of recruitment, you’ve come to the right place!

Our online course, Parents’ Role in the Recruiting Process: A Crash Course, will help you answer these questions and more. The FREE course, which can be completed in under an hour, details:

  • How to determine parent level of involvement
  • 3 Core areas for parents to develop expertise
  • 5 Main roles parents play during the process
  • How to make sure your ballplayer is getting quality help
  • Parent tips and action items for each stage of recruitment

The FREE online course can be found on KPB’s Thinkific learning platform HERE, and is supported by KPB articles and resources found right here on this site. Let KPB help replace the confusion and uncertainty of the recruiting process with a solid plan. Play the video above to learn more and take the course today! As always, feel free to reach out with questions!