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It’s Big Day of Giving!

Big Day of Giving is finally here and we are asking all of our users who can afford it to make a donation (of any amount) to support our work helping youth baseball players and families through the college search and recruiting process free of charge! Use the button below to donate. For more information on Big Day of Giving, keep reading about why it’s so important to our organization.

Donate to KPB for BDOG 2023Here

What is Big Day of Giving?

Big Day of Giving is the Sacramento Regional Community Foundation capacity building program that helps local nonprofits like KPB hone their skills in marketing, social media, and board and donor engagement. The 24-hour fundraiser provides an opportunity for KPB users and supporters all over the country step up to the plate to support our organization with a donation (minimum $15). For people who can afford to support our mission and resources, we ask that you consider making a contribution today.

Why is it important I give on Big Day of Giving?

As one of our two major fundraisers for the year, our goal for this year’s Big Day of Giving is to raise $10,500 and get as many unique donations of any amount as possible. Donations of any amount are especially important today, because each donation that we receive on May 2nd enters KPB into the running for “prize money boosts”. These boosts can mean as much as $1,000 added on to your donation, thanks to the Sacramento Regional Community Fund and Big Day of Giving sponsors. That means for one day and one day only, your $15 donation could turn into a $1,015 donation! Visit our BDOG profile HERE to make a donation.

What will my donation support?

Big Day of Giving is essential to Keep Playing Baseball’s work! As one of our major fundraisers each year, KPB as you know it doesn’t exist without the support of Big Day of Giving. Keep Playing Baseball doesn’t believe in passing the cost of its resources on to players or families. We never want money to dictate who has access to necessary information and resources that they need to make educated and informed decisions in the college search and recruiting process. We want all players to have what they need to play college baseball and earn a college degree. That’s why we aren’t setting up a pay wall to block information to hard working players just because they can’t afford it. We are only asking you to donate if you can and to only donate what you can. To give you an idea of just how much you can make a difference, if each person who used our website during the month of May donated just $10, it would fund our resources for 2 years!

Hopefully you are beginning to see why your donation makes a huge difference in allowing us to improve our free resources and reach more players and families in need of affordable help. Learn about our work and the educational programming that your donation will support in this short video!


How do I support KPB for Big Day of Giving?

There are several ways to make a donation to KPB for Big Day of Giving:

Make an Online Donation on Big Day of Giving

To make an online donation to Keep Playing Baseball on Big Day of Giving (Thursday, May 2) Click HERE.

Share with Family and Friends

If you aren’t in a position to make a donation, no problem! Please share this article and our Big Day of Giving home page with family, friends, and on social media. Every share helps!

Make a Donation Later

If you can’t afford to make a donation today but would like to support us in the future, you can always make a donation to KPB through our website HERE.

Ask us How You Can Support at Annual Trivia Night

We’d love to have your support at our annual virtual Trivia Night in November! More details can be found HERE and we will provide updates on the 2024 Trivia Night soon!