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HS Coaches Corner: 5 Ways KPB Can Help You During the 2024 Season

When the season gets going, coaches have less time and more responsibilities. Even with the unknowns you are facing, we want you to know that KPB is here to help take some of those responsibilities off your shoulders. Our content covers many of the time-consuming recruiting questions you are sure to receive. By sharing KPB resources with your program, you stay focused on coaching and competing, while your players get the information they need to make it to the next level. With content that comes directly from a network of college baseball insiders, KPB is a one-stop-shop for everyone involved in the recruiting process. Sharing our content with your players and their parents is not the only way your program can benefit from using KPB. Below, we detail 5 ways KPB’s free recruiting and player development content can help you during the season. Take a look and don’t hesitate to reach out to use with any questions! 

  1. Use KPB’s Think the Game section to improve the baseball IQ of your team 

    Working on the mental game matters. With only so much time on the field, using KPB to challenge your players to think about baseball strategy and situations can give your team an edge. Each Think the Game article tackles a scenario that your team is likely to encounter during the season, focusing on common mistakes that accompany each play, providing important lessons and examining the finer points of the game. There are several ways to use the articles to your team’s benefit. Read a Think the Game article at the beginning of practice to get your players in the right state of mind. Assign players to read and report on a Think the Game article to the rest of the team. Use Think the Game ideas for situational defense, or just as a way to get more mental reps.

  2. Use High School Coaches Corner articles to continue growing as a coach

    KPB’s High School Coaches Corner is a resource devoted to providing high school coaches with useful information on important topics related to coaching and team building. Topics covered include: team chemistry, identification and elimination of problems before they become big issues, goal setting, developing a player leadership council, preventing bullying and violence, ideal coaching temperament, and many others. We are continually updating and writing new articles for this series.

  3. Encourage players to make the college baseball recruiting process part of their regular routine 

    Both of our websites can be used to answer specific questions on the recruiting process at any time, but it is best used as a regular and ongoing source of information. With new content each week, players are more likely to get the information they need to find the right college fit if they set aside daily or weekly time to visit the KPB site and KPB Recruiting 101. Encourage players to spend time working on their college baseball recruiting process/college search early and often.

  4. Encourage parents to get educated on the recruiting process and understand the appropriate role for them in it

    KPB has a Parents page that’s packed with information specific to their needs. Many parents don’t realize the importance of their role in the recruiting process and struggle to find an appropriate level of involvement. We have advice from college coaches and parents who have successfully navigated the recruiting process with their sons. Referring parents to KPB can save you a lot of time and you won’t have to answer the same questions over and over.

  5. Use KPB articles and information for classroom instruction

    Many of KPB’s articles and resources may be used as a basis for a classroom lesson. We’ve received messages from a high school coaches in the past who have turned articles into outlines for team chalk talks.  

We encourage you to use our content in any way you think it may benefit your team. Let us know if you have other useful ways KPB content has helped your team so we can be sure to pass the information along! 

Have other questions on how to use KPB in your program? Just send us a message here and we’ll be happy to help!