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Get Out to a College Game

Ok, so tryouts are over and you have made your high school team. The season is getting underway and you know how you compare to the players on your team, and maybe even the rest of your league. But how do your skills compare to the rest of your competition state- or nationwide? What level of college baseball should you set your sights on? Are you a JC caliber player? DI? Some other level?  

When it comes to trying to play college baseball, it’s nice to know how your talent compares to your teammates and league, but what you really need to know is where you stand compared to the rest of your competition for a spot on a college roster. We know—you’re wondering how you are supposed to figure that out. Well, we have a suggestion for finding an appropriate level of college baseball for you, without going to every single high school game or showcase in America.  

Have you figured out the secret? Go to a college game! Right now, college baseball is in full swing, with teams playing multiple games every week. If you want to be a D1 player, go to a D1 game in your area. Want to see how you compare to DII ballplayers? Go check them out. Be objective and honest with yourself. Can you compete against that caliber of player? With enough hard work and time, could you be successful at that level?   

Beyond seeing how you fit in, notice the speed of the game. What changes do you see in the jump from high school to college? What about the size and speed of the individual players? What do they do well? Make your trip a learning experience. College ball is great to watch in person because in most parks, you can get up close and personal with the game.  

Take advantage of one or more of the thousands of college games each week. If you live in a remote area and can afford it, make a weekend trip before your season starts to see a few games at once or tune in to a steaming or televised game. College baseball is more accessible than ever before and using it to take an objective look at your skills is one of the best things you can do. Like your recruiting process, take advantage of every opportunity you get and be proactive. There are a ton of opportunities out there, go get ‘em!