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Considering Community College? Plan Ahead

Not too long ago, we updated our mini-series on community college (JUCO) baseball. JUCO baseball remains one of the most practical and affordable college baseball options for prospective college players of varying talents and backgrounds. As we detail in the four-part series linked below, JUCO baseball offers players the opportunity to develop and work towards a degree for a fraction of the cost of most 4-year schools. There is no singular reason why a player would choose the JUCO route and the idea that 2-year programs are only for those with poor grades or low skill level has long been put to rest. Playing at a 2-year school is a viable and great option for players of all skill levels. For players with no 4-year options, players who want to remain draft eligible, players who need a cheaper alternative, players who want to live at home, or players who fall short of their 4-year college baseball goals out of high school, community college baseball offers up to 2 additional years (3 if you include a red-shirt year) of development and the opportunity to establish a more clear academic and athletic vision. If this makes it seem like JUCO is a backup option to 4-year schools, let us be perfectly clear that it should not be viewed in this way. The JUCO route is an great path to take, both on the field and in the classroom.

For some, JUCO baseball may be the last stop in their playing career. However, many use it as a stepping stone for other levels of college baseball. One in every five D1 baseball players are 2-year transfers. A considerable percentage of D2 players are as well. If you want to be part of the group that keeps playing baseball when your two years of JUCO ball are over, it’s important that you have an academic and transfer plan starting on day 1 at your 2-year program. There is a big difference between transfer requirements and eligibility requirements and you’ll want to be educated on these differences so you take the right classes to move on. This article is meant to help you get started with this plan by putting our best community college baseball resources in one place. The information is all there, but the work is up to you. Start your planning today!

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