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Podcast EP 17: 4 Reasons to Be Open to JUCO Baseball

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Community college (JUCO, JC, junior college, etc.) baseball gets overlooked as an option by many recruits who either think they are “too good” or have been mislead about the breadth of opportunities that community college baseball provides. In this 12 minute #MoundVisit episode, we offer 4 reasons why we love community college baseball and encourage you to consider it as one of your many options for playing at the next level. Among the reasons we love the JUCO route are affordability, less restricted training opportunities in the fall, a chance to improve academic skill set and grades, and a chance to get drafted each year.

By no means is this quick look at the JUCO route a comprehensive review of all the reasons a high school player should consider community college baseball, but the goal is to get you thinking about community college as an option. Consider looking into our other resources that tackle community college baseball with more depth to continue the conversation! (See Link Below)


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