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College Coaches Survey: Academics Are Very Important

Every once in a while, we like to remind college baseball hopefuls of the importance of doing well academically. As you already know, doing well academically is critical in the college baseball recruiting process. Not only must you meet minimum academic qualifications to be eligible to play college baseball, but having quality grades and test scores will open up many more college baseball options. Many coaches will not consider recruiting a player who is just barely eligible, believing that marginal grades make them an off-field risk. Good grades and test scores are also the best way to make college more affordable because academic aid opportunities outnumber opportunities for athletic scholarships. The bottom line is academics matter a lot, whether you like doing schoolwork or not. 

Here are some articles that have provided information and tips from educational professionals to help you stay focused and improve your grades. They are worth your time to read: 

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Another article,  Your Transcript Tells Coaches More Than You Think, describes the way coaches use a recruit’s academic record to evaluate desire, motivation, competitiveness, risk and much more. Over the years, we have sent out a survey and asked college coaches from all different levels of college baseball how they rated the importance of good grades and test scores when evaluating potential recruits.  Coaches have been nearly unanimous in stressing the importance of good grades and test scores. You can read more about how they rank the importance of academics in this article.

College baseball coaches of all levels respond to academic questions with a clear message to recruits—if you want to play at the college level, you must do well academically. If you haven’t taken care of business in the classroom in the past, it’s not too late to turn things around. Get ahead to start this school year and stay ahead. College coaches are going to ask about your grades and test scores and the bottom line is your academic success matters a great deal. 

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