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College Baseball Recruiting Rules: Level-by-Level

If you are struggling to keep up with the college baseball recruiting rules, you are not alone!

The recruiting rules for each level of college baseball can be hard to keep straight, especially when they seem to change each year. This leaves many recruits and baseball parents with more questions than answers. If you’re wondering whether a college coach can email you back, if they are allowed to be recruiting at your games, or when you can take a campus visit, you’ve come to the right place.

At KPB, we know that understanding the recruiting rules and regulations for the various levels of college baseball can be a daunting task. We also know how important it is for your recruitment that you become familiar with and know these recruiting rules well. We’ve put together the tables below to simplify these rules for you and allow you to see the different rules for each level of college baseball in one place. Use the tables to compare between the different levels and be sure to click on the links provided to get a full understanding of the rules and the most up-to-date information. Rules may change from year-to-year and without much notice, so make sure you check with each governing body’s website directly to make informed decisions about your recruitment.

NCAA (More Restrictions)

DI D2 D3
Questionnaires/Camp Info


Anytime Anytime Anytime
Recruiting Calendar?








Off-Campus Contact Beginning 9/1 of junior year Beginning 6/15 before junior year Beginning at completion of sophomore year
Electronic Correspondence Beginning 8/1 of junior year Beginning 6/15 before junior year No Restrictions
Telephone Calls Beginning 8/1 of junior year Beginning 6/15 before junior year No Restrictions
Official Visits/Unofficial Visits (with coach present) Official: 9/1 of junior year (No limit but only 1 per Institution)

Unofficial: 9/1 of junior year

Official: Beginning 6/15 after junior year

Unofficial: Anytime, no restrictions

Official: Beginning 1/1 junior year. One per institution.

Unofficial: Anytime, no restrictions

Contact/Evaluation Limits 7 contacts and evaluations per PSA per year. For additional details, see bylaw No Restrictions No limit on number of contacts. No limits on number or timing of evaluations.
Letter of Intent Yes Yes No
Recruiting Rules

Quick Guide Link

Tryouts/Workouts For Recruits? No No No

NJCAA & NAIA (Less Restrictions) 


Questionnaires/Camp Info


Anytime Anytime
Recruiting Calendar? No No
Off-Campus Contact No Restrictions No Restrictions
Electronic Correspondence No Restrictions No Restrictions
Telephone Calls No Restrictions No Restrictions
Official Visits/Unofficial Visits Official: Yes (Limit 1 per institutions)

Unofficial: No restrictions

Official: Yes

Unofficial: No Restrictions

Contact/Evaluation Limits No Restrictions No Restrictions
Letter of Intent Yes. LOI is only binding between NJCAA institutions. Recruits may still opt to attend an NCAA or NAIA school. No
Tryouts/Workouts for Recruits? Yes Yes