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Best Recruiting Advice From College Coaches

At KPB, we lean on a network of college baseball insiders who step forward to support and help you. All the information we provide on college baseball and the college baseball recruiting process comes directly from those who know college baseball best—current and former college coaches, players, and parents of players. As part of our most recent college coaches surveys, we asked coaches of all different levels what one piece of advice they would give to a high school player just starting the college baseball recruiting process. The answers provide a wealth of information and guidance you can use to successfully navigate the recruiting process. We are here to help you, but we’ll let the advice from college coaches do the talking. Here’s their best advice on the recruiting process:

“Be open and honest. Go on visits, crush the weight room, and get all the A’s you possibly can. Be a “nerd” to the point that your whole life is school and baseball. It will pay off.”

–D1 Coach, Ohio

“Keep your options open. Make sure the school you decide to go to has checked all of your boxes that are important such as cost, major, distance from home, social life, opportunity to play, opportunity to grow, etc.”

–Anthony Pla, Head Coach, Lincoln University (D2, Pennsylvania)

“Do your homework. Don’t jump to a decision and don’t be pressured into a commitment. Lastly, please do not post on social media EVERY time you get an offer. Be humble, have some humility.”

–Clay Cox, Head Coach, Paris Mountain Junior College (NJCAA, Texas)

“Go somewhere where you can play and win. If you are doing those two things then you will be happy with baseball and the school and academics.”

–Travis Beausoleil, Head Coach, Mitchell College (D3, Connecticut)

“Do your research to find the right fit, not necessarily the highest level. Ask good questions, listen to the coaches and enjoy the process.”

–Aaron Rushing, Head Coach, Carleton College (D3, Minnesota)

“Take your time. Make sure that you are ready to make a 40 year decision not just a 4 year decision.”

-D1 Head Coach, California

“Contact and visit schools that interest you in person. Understand that there are a lot of good experiences to be had outside of D1.”

– Casey Olney, Head Coach, Valley City State University (NAIA, North Dakota)

“Go to camps, put together video, don’t freak out about timeline to commit, play all positions and be as athletic as possible.”

– D2 Coach, West Virginia

“Enjoy the process as best you can and don’t let the lack of current options or the process in general stress you out. If you are passionate about playing baseball and can play at a quality level, you will find a home.”

— Mike Brown, Assistant Coach, University of Hawaii (D1, Hawaii)

“Be proactive. Ask questions and explore options best suited for you. Go visit schools that interest you and figure out which one feels like home.”

– Chris Fenisey, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Greensboro College (D3, North Carolina)

“Sit down and write out your wants and goals in a school and career after graduation. Research the schools that fit your lists. Then reach out to those recruiting coordinators at those schools. Focus on the academics, the social setting and the opportunity to play.”

— D2 Head Coach, California

“Come up with a realistic list of things you want in a school, program, and college experience that are important to you. Once you identify those, seeks schools out that fit that mold. Then do whatever to be seen by those coaches.”

– D2 Coach, Ohio

“Go visit schools early; before they recruit you and then get in front of the schools you like the most.”

 D2 Head Coach, South Carolina

“Enjoy the process instead of being stressed out by it. It takes time to be recruited. If someone makes you an offer on the spot, then they are making a snap judgement. You are making a life decision and should do as much research as possible before committing to your future.”

D1 Coach, California

“Do your research about [each] particular coach and school.”

 –D1 Coach, Alabama

“Go into it open minded, listen and absorb.”

– NJCAA Coach, West Virginia

“Be specific about what you want and make that clear to the coaches you are interested in playing for and coaches recruiting you. Be honest.”

– Zach Honeycutt, Assistant Baseball Coach, Lander University (D2, South Carolina)

“Pay attention to detail, make sure you personalize every email you send.”

– D1 Coach, South Carolina

“Play every day as if someone is watching. If you play the game the right way, something will work out.”

– Jordan Stampler, Recruiting Coordinator/ Hitting & Infield Coach, Pfeiffer University (D3, North Carolina)

“Get to events where you maximize exposure and then narrow down to schools you are interested in.”

-D1 Head Coach (California)

“Find the right people (coaches) that you trust to help you with your career.”

– D1 Coach (Georgia)

“Ask questions!”

– Ben Jackson, Pitching Coach, University of Montevallo (D2, Alabama)