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Asking the Right Questions in Recruitment

An enormous part of recruiting success comes from asking the right questions. Whether it’s answering questions about the recruiting process, a particular program, or a coach, information is power.  We have many articles aimed at helping you ask and answer important recruiting and college baseball-related questions that will allow you to make informed decisions in the recruiting process. Below is a list of those articles, for both parents and recruits. Take a look at the articles below and learn to ask questions that are important, even when it feels difficult. You need to get accurate information to make an informed decision!

For Parents

Common Recruiting-Related Questions from Parents

General Questions to Ask a College Coach Recruiting Your Son

For Players

Common Recruiting-Related Questions from Recruits

Questions to Ask College Coaches

Difficult but Important Questions to Ask College Coaches


Questions to Guide Program Research and Gauge Fit

Questions to Answer Before Committing