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How to Use The KPB Site

Navigating the college baseball recruiting process can seem like an impossible task. With KPB’s help, it doesn’t have to be. This website was built to help you understand and simplify the recruiting process. If you’re in search of a blueprint for recruiting success, you came to the right place. We’ll help you figure out what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in a way that gives you the best opportunity to get recruited. KPB’s resources are 100% FREE and come from a network of college baseball insiders.

Even if you are in 9th grade, there’s a lot you can and should be doing to move you closer to your goal of playing college baseball, so let’s get you oriented with what you’ll find on this site and how you can use the free resources to find a college baseball program that fits for you.

On the KPB website you’ll find…
  • 500+ articles on recruiting and player development
  • Advice from college coaches and players
  • Tips and checklists to keep you moving towards your goal
  • Information for parents and coaches
You won’t find…
  • Anything that costs money
  • Promises that it will be easy or guarantees of any kind
  • Useless Chatter

Whether you are the ace of your high school staff or warming the bench, there can be a place for you on a college team as long as you are willing to put in the work. We won’t lie to you. Nothing on this website can guarantee that you’ll be able to play for the college of your dreams (or any college for that matter) but the content is written by the guys who have made the leap from high school to college ball – at all levels from JC to elite D1. Sure, they all had skills but they also had the drive, focus, and the information that they needed to make their dreams come true.

Where to Start?

If you are serious about playing college baseball, visit our Starting Up section to get a grasp on the basics. These articles will give you a solid foundation. Next, review the steps laid out on the KPB Recruiting 101 section of the website. This will not only give you a birds-eye-view of the recruiting process and what you will need to do, it can also serve as the step-by-step guide you need from now until you set foot on campus as a college freshman. Finally, explore the many other free KPB resources described below!

There’s no reason to wait. Get started exploring the path to the next level today. We’ll be with you each step of the way making sure you have the information you need to keep playing baseball. As always, if you have questions, reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

KPB Content Organization

The KPB Blog: We post articles and information to the blog at times during the college baseball recruiting calendar (time of year) when they will be most relevant and have the most value for players and families. For example, Summer is synonymous with recruiting, so a lot of our content posted during the summer targets that and similar topics. On a typical week, 4-6 new or updated articles are posted.

Yearly Pages and Checklists: Regardless of where you are in your recruiting journey, there are important things to do and topics to review during each year of high school that apply to all players. The yearly pages and checklists provide this information so that you can stay on track. This is our static content that stays front and center all the time.

Think the Game: Our primary mental game resource. This section of the website allows you to learn from the mistakes of others through real life game situations. Each scenario describes an actual game event, the mistakes that were made, and what could have been done differently. With almost 200 different scenarios, this allows you a window into what it’s like to “think the game” with a college level thought process. Many coaches use this section of the website as well. We post 2-5 new or updated Think the Game posts to the site each week.

Parents Page: Information for parents can be found throughout the website and on the blog, but the basics, including feedback from parents who have been through the process, can be found on the Parents Page.

A few other notable sections of the main website are the important resources page, and the player-to-player page.

KPB Recruiting 101: Our Recruiting 101 section organizes information based on what step of the recruiting process you are in. Each player will go through similar steps at different times, and this resource is set up as a road map so you can have chronological guidance throughout the recruiting process as you move from one step to the next. Each step will help you understand what to do, when to do it, and how to do it the right way, all personalized based on where you are now. Articles and pages aim to educate and teach the tools players need so they can create their own individualized plan and path to college baseball.

KPB Podcast: We are going on a full year and over 35,000 listens to the recently re-branded KPB Podcast (#KPBpodcast), which can be heard on every major podcast platform. Find your favorite below and subscribe so you don’t miss any of our insightful episodes or interviews with college coaches!

Online Courses: We have two FREE online courses. Creating a Successful DIY Recruiting Video was designed to help you create your own successful recruiting video. Using feedback and insight from college coaches, the course teaches you how to make your own successful recruiting video and use it to create meaningful exposure to college coaches. Take advantage of one of our best resources yet today by clicking HERE. Our second FREE online course is Parents’ Role in the Recruiting Process: A Crash Course. The course is exactly what it sound like. It’s a high-level overview for parents on how to navigate the recruiting process and help their athlete’s find a college baseball fit.

What Do We Mean by Player-to-Player?

The information we share on our website comes from college baseball’s main “players”. This means we ensure the accuracy of our content through interviews, conversations, surveys, and focus groups with current and former college players, coaches, and parents of players. We cross check information from college baseball insiders with the real and lived experiences of high school players, parents, and coaches. By looking at information and experiences from both sides of the recruiting process, we are able to provide accurate and current information that addresses the real barriers faced by players and families going through the college search and recruiting process. Best of all it’s free!