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What Qualities College Coaches Look For in Recruits Part 2

As you know, KPB is founded on insider information. All the information we provide comes from those who know college baseball best—current and former college coaches, players, and parents of players. In What Qualities College Coaches Look For in Recruits Part 1, we asked college coaches from all different levels to tell us about the most important qualities they look for in players while recruiting. If you haven’t read that great advice, we suggest you start there.  We figure, who better to tell you what to do than the people who will be recruiting and evaluating you? This article is the rest of the responses from the college coaches. We hope you can use the insight from the college coaches to help you improve your plan for getting to the next level! Check out more of their advice below.

Note: Some coaches preferred to remain anonymous. They are recognized by the division they coach and state. Answers were edited only for readability. KPB is not part of any recruitment efforts of any school, location, division, conference, or level.

Coachability, attitude, interactions with teammates, grinder, dirtbag, hard-nosed, bulldog-type competitor.
– Clay Cox, Head Coach, Paris Junior College, NJCAA, Texas
Character, fundamental skill set (does he fit our system), grades, projectable tools.
– D1 Coach, Alabama
Athleticism, hustle, attitude, skills, [and] projectability.
– Jordan Stampler, Recruiting Coordinator, Pfeiffer University, D3, North Carolina
Effort. Attitude. Intent. Measurable Tools.
– Junior College Coach, California
Talent always plays but how the player is with their teammates, coaches, opponents, and umpires. Also watching them get out of their car and get to the field.
– D3 Coach, Massachusetts
Good body language. Hustle.
– D1 Coach, Alabama
Work ethic, passion, durability, accountable, talent.
– NJCAA Coach, West Virginia
Can hold a conversation and is personable. Does not differ to dad when asked a question face-to-face.
– D1 Coach, South Carolina
Character, talent level, makeup
– NAIA Coach, Kansas
Hustle. To be blunt and simple. Something that is different. [Something] that sticks out and isn’t unique, and potentially better than his peers.
– D2 Coach, South Carolina
Hustle, Passion, Playing the Game the “right way”, engagement and presence. High Character!
– D1 Coach, California
The bottom line is he needs to be good enough to compete for playing time in the Big West [Conference]. After that, plays hard, looks engaged in the game, shows the ability to think for himself and be a baseball player.
– D1 Coach, California
Effort, hustle, and making sure that they understand the game. Easy identifying talent; not as easy to see character [and] hard work. They need to make sure to show those tools as well.
– D2 Coach, South Carolina
Ability, Hustle/Effort, Leadership [and] Size.
– D3 Coach, Ohio
Grades, athleticism, plays hard.
– Aaron Rushing, Head Coach, Carleton College, D3, Minnesota
Arm strength, athleticism, speed.
– D1  Coach, Texas