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Think The Game Pitcher Quiz

Alright pitchers, this one is for you! We’ve put together a new Think the Game quiz to see how well you know your position. Are you ready to be a college pitcher? Can you answer our quiz without checking back to previous Think the Game articles for the answer? Let’s find out! Scroll down on the page to check your answers. 

  1. True or False? There’s a runner on second and you’ve just come into a blowout game as a relief pitcher. The catcher puts down one sign for the pitch. Your team is getting blown out, so you don’t need to call time to get the signs straightened out. You should just throw the pitch. 
  2. True or False? It’s okay to be unfamiliar with the signs from the catcher for pickoffs, because they are rarely called and you can always step off to remember them.
  3. True or False? There is a hard grounder hit between the first and second baseman. The pitcher starts heading to cover first base. The first baseman dives for the ball but it goes into right field. The pitcher should head back to the mound and start preparing for the next pitch. There’s no need for him to continue towards first base. 


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  1. False. You’ll find the details here. 
  1. False. You’ll find the details here.  
  1. False. You’ll find the details here.