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The Big Decision

It’s all on you. You know you have to focus. A lot is riding on your making the right choice…  

No, we’re not talking about pitch selection or guessing if a slider is coming. May means it is time for you seniors (who haven’t already signed) to commit to a school. It is a big decision and it can seem overwhelming. Don’t forget that KPB is here to help. Here are some resources from this site that are important this time of year.  

Can’t make up your mind? Check out our post on narrowing your choices or take a few steps back and reread our lead article on finding your team.  

  1. To read some ideas from the guys who have been there, check out what college players say about the recruitment process in our player-to-player  post for seniors. 
  2. If money is on your mind, make sure you know all your options. Athletic scholarships are not the only way to pay for school and are likely to only cover part of the costs of attendance. Check out our post on paying for school for tips on making it work. 
  3. If you got into a school but not to play ball, you might want to consider walking on – see our post on the risks and rewards to learn more about what walking-on means and what questions you should be asking before you try to do it. 
  4. For those of you who didn’t get in, don’t give up.  Check out our article sharing ideas about what to do next or Eric’s post on staying in the game. You might have to change your plans and pick a different division, but you can still get noticed by coaches – click here to see how. 

 Good luck with your decision!