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The Best Advice from College Coaches

At Keep Playing Baseball, we pride ourselves on being a source of player-to-player information. What does that mean? It means we are constantly working with current and former college coaches, players, and parents of players to help provide you with the most accurate information on college baseball and the college baseball recruiting process. These are the “players”, or insiders, who know the college game best and can be a valuable resource to you as you try to navigate the recruiting process and succeed at the college level. Dozens of coaches have generously volunteered their time and insight to KPB for the sole purpose of helping you better understand how to make it to the next level. We’ve taken the time to organize some of the great advice and information that college coaches have provided us with.  Take a look at what the coaches who will be recruiting you want you to know about the college baseball recruiting process and being a college player.

Advice on What Qualities College Coaches Look For In Recruits

“Have to be of high character. First thing our staff is going to figure out is what kind of person, worker, teammate, leader they are. There is obviously a baseline amount of talent, as long as the two line up, we will move forward.”

– D1 Coach, Ohio

What College Coaches Look For Part I

What College Coaches Look for Part II

General Advice on the Recruiting Process:

“Do your homework. Don’t jump to a decision and don’t be pressured into a commitment. Lastly, please do not post on social media EVERY time you get an offer. Be humble, have some humility.”

–Clay Cox, Head Coach, Paris Mountain Junior College (NJCAA, Texas)

Best Recruiting Advice From College Coaches

Advice on Communication:

“Every single college coach who took our survey wanted the recruit to be the main person they communicate with throughout the recruiting process.”

 College Coaches Want You To Do the Talking

Advice on Academics:

“Coaches were nearly unanimous in stressing the importance of good grades. The average rating coaches gave for the importance of grades was 8.4 out of 10.  Only one coach ranked the importance of grades lower than a 7, and over a third of respondents ranked the importance of good grades as a 10 out of 10!”

 The Importance of Academics

Podcast Interviews Full of Advice:

“There’s always a place for those high energy guys, those guys who just seem like they want to be at the baseball field 24/7.” – Jordan Stampler, Director of Player Development, Campbell University (Former D3 Head Coach)

Podcast Episodes with College Coaches Talking Recruiting

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