KPB Recruiting 101

Step 2: What to Read and Research

Step 2 is one of the most time-consuming steps in the recruiting process because it never ends. You will always be learning new things about the recruiting process and finding a better way to have success finding a college baseball program that fits your needs. The more you learn about the recruiting process, the smoother your recruiting process will be. Come back to Step 2 even after you move on.

The ‘Read This’ section of Step 2 aims to give you more in-depth information about the college baseball recruiting process and what you will need to do to get recruited to play college baseball. Step 2 sets the stage for the rest of the recruiting process by helping you learn what you can expect moving forward. Browsing steps 3-10 is an important part of your research. The ‘Read This’ for Step 2 includes:

  • What the rest of the recruiting process will look like
  • The importance of academic success to getting recruited and being eligible to play every level of college baseball
  • Resources for taking charge and organizing your own recruiting process
  • Help answering common questions players have about the recruiting process

And much more.

This stage is all about learning the recruiting rules, understanding the eligibility requirements, and learning what you can do to help improve the chances you will get recruited. Step 2 resources will also explain how you can take charge of your own recruitment in a cost-saving and effective way. We don’t want to overwhelm you in Step 2, so we have limited the resources in the ‘Read This’ section to the essentials. In addition to the articles in ‘Read This’, you’ll want to start exploring other questions you have about the recruiting process. Use the search tool in the upper right corner to search questions you have and topics of interest. The Categories search tool in the side bar is another great way to explore Step 2 topics in depth.

These topics and keywords are particularly useful for Step 2: Questions, Standards, Eligibility, Rules, Recruiting Process, Recruitment, Finances/Cost/Money Saving.

Wondering what you should do during each year of high school to make sure you are on track to play college baseball? Visit the KPB yearly page for your grade and printable annual checklists that we have compiled to keep you on track for college baseball!

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Our blog will have some overlapping articles with what you find on each Step, but also posts anywhere from 7-12 articles each week on player development, the mental game, and other important resources to get you better. Each article is posted at the time of the year when it is most relevant for the recruiting calendar. In other words, it is posted at the time when it is most important for your recruitment! You should make visiting the KPB blog a part of your regular recruiting process schedule.