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Podcast EP 29: Christine Ho, Learning Specialist Coordinator (UC Berkeley)

In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn the questions to ask and steps to take to ensure the college baseball program you are considering have the academic support and academic culture that you need to be successful. We also take a deep dive into how student-athletes with learning disabilities can navigate the recruiting process and make sure programs have access to the resources and accommodations they need.
In episode 29, we are excited to welcome a true expert in the academic side of college athletics. Christine Ho is a Learning Specialist Coordinator at UC Berkeley and has been working in academic support services for student-athletes for 7 years at UC Berkeley (Cal). Ho also acts as the Athletic Study Center liaison with the Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) and supports student-athletes in time-management, organization, reading, writing, test-taking strategies, note-taking and learning strategies through individual weekly meetings. She leads incoming skills assessments for new students to measure learning styles, strengths, and areas of concern and creates learning plans for students based on their academic needs and personal goals. Ho provides a ton of insight into the research that needs to be done and questions that need to be asked during the recruiting process and on campus to ensure that your college baseball program has what you need to be a successful STUDENT-athlete.

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