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Podcast EP 20: Verbal Commitments and Signing with Brian Dempsey

In this episode…

We follow up on the recent release of the latest version of our popular article, The Truth About Verbal Commitments, with a discussion about verbal commitments and signing with a college baseball program. This hour-long episode is packed with information as we bring back Episode 7 guest, Brian Dempsey, to tap into his experience and insight. In the free-flowing conversation, we discuss the timing of commitments, the need for patience, the need to make a fully informed commitment decision, and why it’s so important to do your research on programs of interest and own your decision. If you are considering your options for the next level, trying to decide the best time to make your commitment decision, or simply want to know more about committing and signing, this episode is for you! Here are some relevant articles and information to supplement the discussion on the podcast.

Additional Resources…

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A recent NCAA study on the timing of recruitment and commitments for D1 athletes presents some interesting findings and important implications for recruits going through the process now. The results help explain why the NCAA is trying to move the bulk of recruitment to the upperclassmen years and speaks to why players who wait until their upperclassmen years to commit are often happier with their recruitment and have a better chance of playing at the school where they first commit.  You can read the findings and research report HERE.


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