Helping Your Son Find His School

Finding the right school is a tough task. You and your son should make this decision together. Ultimately, your son needs to find a school where he is going to fit in both athletically and academically while gaining a great college experience.

“If your son is set on playing ball there is always a place to play, whether JC, Division III, or somewhere else. They should investigate all possibilities and not assume the first offer or opportunity is the only one. Do the research and keep a 4-year horizon in focus to make informed decisions.” –Father, Active D1 Catcher, CA

Here are some important questions that your son should be able to answer before choosing a school:

  1. Will you be able to play—not just make the team and sit on the bench?
  2. Would you be happy at this school if you were injured and could no longer play baseball?
  3. Does this school have a major that matches your interests and abilities?
  4. What opportunities will a degree from this school give you?
  5. How will you fit in? Are there guys on the team that you can identify with?