Introduction to KPB Recruiting 101


We are excited to introduce you to KPB Recruiting 101! Recruiting 101 is a new website brought to you by Keep Playing Baseball. Set up in chronological order, KPB Recruiting 101 guides you through the recruiting process step-by-step from start to finish. If you want to play at the next level, KPB Recruiting 101 will give you information you need to create a personalized road map to finding a college baseball fit. The goal of KPB Recruiting 101 is to complement’s efforts to help you find a college baseball program that fits your needs and interests.

While every recruitment is different, all successful recruiting journeys share 10 major steps. Recruiting 101 will walk you through the 10 major phases on your way to becoming a college baseball player, giving you lots of information and guidance each step of the way. During each individual step, Recruiting 101 will help you figure out what you need to learn, what you need to do, and what comes next. The best part? Like all of Keep Playing Baseball’s resources, KPB Recruiting 101 is 100% free. With KPB’s help, you can take control of your recruitment, find a program that fits your unique needs as a student-athlete, save money, and enjoy the process as you do it. Get started on your journey to college baseball by checking out KPB Recruiting 101 today!