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The Process of Recruiting: How College Coaches Build a Team

“We are not just collecting talent, we are building teams.

Evaluation is a balance of what we see with our eyes, feel in our gut, and what the numbers tell us.”

– Coach Macdonald, University of Charleston Baseball

The road to a college baseball roster spot has never been more competitive. The players filling out rosters are the ones who not only have the skill set required, but who also have a better understanding of how to navigate the recruiting process.

How big of an advantage would it give you to have access to a college coach who was willing to spell out their exact process for finding, evaluating, and recruiting players? It turns out that resource already exists. In addition to our college coach-driven resources aimed at spelling out the recruiting process, one college baseball recruiting coordinator has decided to pull back the curtains on their program’s process for evaluating and recruiting players in a big way.

Meet Ian Macdonald, an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for the University of Charleston baseball team (D2, West Virginia). Coach Macdonald has done a huge favor to recruits and high school baseball parents who are serious about trying to understand what it takes to play at the college level. Through his new website,, Coach Macdonald breaks down every element of University of Charleston’s process for finding future players. From UCWV’s process for finding and evaluating players to tips for in-person evaluation, and everything in-between, this account of the recruiting process from the perspective of the college coach spares no detail. Simply put, it is a must-bookmark resource for every serious college baseball recruit.

Whether you have interest in University of Charleston or not, Coach Macdonald’s efforts will benefit you as a recruit (or parent of a recruit) and leave you in a better position to understand the recruiting process and find your college baseball fit.

Here’s more from Coach Macdonald on why he created the website:

“Over the years, much of what I have learned about evaluation & recruiting has come from conversations with other college coaches and scouts. Free, publicly available information & resources on the subject is limited.

The purpose of this project is to document, share, and connect. To document what I am learning about evaluation & recruiting, to share what I am learning with others, and to connect with coaches, instructors, and scouts willing to share information, resources, and experiences.

No two programs are the same. We all identify, evaluate, and recruit players differently. This project includes excerpts from our staff’s System for Evaluation & Recruiting. Our system is ever-evolving (and we hope, improving).

I hope this project brings value to you, the reader — whether a player, parent, or coach. If you have any questions about the contents of the website, or if I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to email me:”

Check out Coach Macdonald’s website here: