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Everything You Need to Know about Recruiting Videos

If you want to play college baseball, you need a recruiting or skill video. Luckily, making a skills video that will be useful for college coaches is cheap and easy. A smart phone and a teammate or two, and you can have a useful video by the end of the day. Simply put, video is the best means of free exposure and an absolute must in today’s recruiting landscape. To make such an important topic easier to understand, we’ve consolidated all the articles below into a free master class aimed at teaching you everything you need to create your own successful recruiting video. The course provides information from college coaches on:

  • What to include in your video
  • How to film your video
  • How to appropriately incorporate measurable data into your video
  • How to edit your video for maximum impact
  • How to leverage your video to get recruited

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Links and descriptions to other KPB video resources can also be found below:

You Need a Skills Video

This article is a great overview of how video is helpful in the recruiting process. It briefly discusses why you need a skills video, how coaches will use the video, what to include on the skills video, and how to make it. If you haven’t thought about use of video yet, this is a great place to start.

How to Make Your Own Successful Skills Video

This article covers the basics on how to make a recruiting video, including important production do’s and don’ts, and what should be included in the video.

What College Coaches Want to See in a Position Player Video

If you are a position player, this is a great guide for what to include in your recruiting/skills video. We surveyed college coaches from every level of college baseball to find out what they want to see from position players, and used their responses to create this blueprint for success.

What College Coaches Want to See in a Pitcher Video

The pitching version of the article described directly above. This is a great guide for what to include in your pitching skills video. Informed by college coaches surveys, if you can follow these tips, you’ll give the college coaches exactly what they want to see.

Using Video As a Way to Help Your Development and Production

Ever wish you could bottle up that hot streak? With video journaling, you can capture the highs so that you can sustain them and the lows so you can work to get rid of them.

Using Video on Social Media to Get Recruited

Using social media as a free platform to get your recruiting video out there has never been easier or more beneficial. Each year we've conducted our college coaches survey, the percentage of coaches who say they have or would commit a player based off of video (having never seen them play live) has increased. This article talks about how you can use platforms like Flatground App to get on college coaches' radar.

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