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College Coach Responses: Most Important Questions to Ask During Recruitment

Questions are Important

It’s no secret that asking questions is an incredibly important part of the recruiting process. So when we did our last College Coaches Survey, we thought it would be fun to see what college baseball coaches think recruits should ask them about during recruitment. We asked, “What is the most important question a recruit can ask a college baseball coach during the recruiting process?” Many of the answers addressed playing and roster opportunities, development, program fit, and more. We’ve included some of the answers below!

“They need to do their research. I like when recruits know our roster. ‘I saw you have 2 commits from the infield in my class, where do you see me fitting in?’ Things like that.”

-Tyler Cook, Assistant Coach, Southern Illinois University

The Coaches’ List

  • Are you recruiting my positions and what do you value in a future player?
  • How do you help prepare your players for life after school?
  • How will baseball fit into my life as a college student on your campus?
  • (At the right time in the process) Where do I stack-up on your list?
  • What do you know about me as a player? What do you want to know about me as a person?
  • What defines a good teammate in your eyes?
  • How can I fit into your team to help us win?
  • What does the roster look like and how is the development of the players?
  • Where do you see me fitting into your program?
  • The most important thing is how the recruit meshes with the players. To the coach just have questions and act interested.
  • What is the program’s philosophy?
  • How many players do [you] bring in on the fall roster?
  • Where do I fit in your program?
  • What is your development plan all about?
  • Where do you see me fitting in to your program? And how many players do you have or are you bringing in for my position?
  • What are the opportunities here, at XYZ University?