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2018 Catching Academy Camp Keynote: Big Picture Ideas That Create Recruiting Success

About the Video

Watch our keynote speech at the 2018 Catching Academy Camp. This speech gives both players and parents great information about some big picture ideas that can be really helpful in the recruiting process. Among the topics discussed are…

For Players
  • The importance of self awareness and honesty
  • The importance of doing your research and understanding both the college baseball landscape and the hoops you will have to go through in the recruiting process
  • The importance of creating a personalized recruiting plan that fits for YOU
  •  The importance of keeping your focus and pouring your efforts and resources into what you have direct control over
For Parents
  • The role of the parent in the recruiting process explained
  • 5 Key responsibilities and roles for parents in the recruiting process
    1. Be a source of knowledge
    2. Be an academic advisor
    3. Be a financial advisor
    4. Be a source of support and stability
    5. Be a good teammate
Follow along with the presentation slides

2018 Catching Academy Camp Presentation Slides

Accompanying Written Article 

Big Picture Ideas That Create Recruiting Success