KPB Recruiting 101

Intro to Step 7

Campus visits are a huge stepping stone in the recruiting process. In many cases, campus visits can speed up the recruiting timeline considerably. Other times, a poor campus visit can end recruitment entirely. Because campus visits are such an important part of the recruiting process, showing up to campus prepared is key. We’ve broken down what you need to do in Step 7 into 3 stages to help you prepare. In Step 7 you will:

  • Learn about what needs to be done before, during, and after campus visits
  • Learn about important questions to ask at this stage of recruitment
  • Begin to think about how you will make important decisions about your college decision
  • Exercise patience and give yourself time to let emotions calm down before making the big decision

And much more!

When you show up to campus, be prepared for (but don’t expect) interested coaches to make an offer and try to put some pressure on you to make a decision. This is their opportunity to really try to impress you and provide you with the information you need to make a decision. Be prepared to answer difficult questions honestly and understand that it’s okay for you and your parents to tell coaches that you don’t know when you aren’t sure about something. Campus visits should be an enjoyable experience and give you lots of insight. Be the best version of yourself and have fun!

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