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Podcast Ep 6: Making the Recruiting Process Manageable

In this episode…

In this Mound Visit, we discuss why breaking the recruiting process into smaller steps makes it more manageable and enjoyable. We lay out Keep Playing Baseball’s 10 step recruiting process, which acts as a road map from initial interest in college baseball to the time a recruit sets foot on campus as a college freshman. The 10 steps are:
1. Learn About College Baseball
2. Learn About the Recruiting Process
3. Create a Personalized Recruiting Plan
4. Prepare for Contact and Exposure
5. Contact College Coaches and Seek Exposure
6. Ongoing Communication with College Coaches
7. Preparing for Campus Visits and Visiting Schools
8. Comparing Options and Offers
9. Making a Commitment
10. Managing Post-Commitment Responsibilities and Showing Up to Campus Ready to Go


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