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Podcast EP 35: John Soteropulos (Japanese Independent Baseball and Driveline Employee)

In This Episode
“It’s your job to take all the information that the coaches give you, synthesize that information and apply it to yourself in a way that works best for you.” -John Soteropulos on Coachablity

When you are talking to a student of the game, you just know it. That’s always the case when John Soteropulos jumps on the mic with us. On this episode, we catch back up with Soteropulos, who was our guest on the popular Episode 4. A cage rat and avid student of the game, this conversation covers a lot of topics that are relevant to high school players looking to play at the next level. Among the topics discussed are off-season training, refining your swing, using data and technology in training, learning to observe with purpose and become a student of the game, the role college plays in preparing players for life when college is over, and some less serious discussions like world series predictions. A theme throughout our discussion is relating high level concepts to high school players, making this episode a great listen for aspiring college players and their parents.


Coaching, Coachability, Confidence, College Baseball, Studying the Game, Technology in Training, Intent, Off-Season, Recruiting