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Podcast EP 32: Parents’ Role in the Recruiting Process

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Your son’s college search will culminate with one of the biggest decisions of his life. Where he decides to go to school (and play baseball) will impact his life for the rest of his life. There are huge athletic, financial, social, and career ramifications that come with his decision, so of course you want to be involved in helping him make the right choice. We don’t blame you and we want to help you find the appropriate role in the recruiting process!

Parents are in a tricky position in the recruiting process. College Coaches overwhelmingly want  the recruit to take charge of the recruiting process and be the main point of contact. College coaches want to get to know your son and whether he fits in their program and whether he can take ownership over his decision. At the same time, most 17 or 18 year-olds are ill-equipped to choose a college baseball program and school on their own. Ask yourself this: would you let your son make a $50K investment on his own? What about $250K? Often times, that’s exactly what the college decision is!

As a parent, you need to find balance. That balance comes in the form of being active behind the scenes and making sure you and your son are on the same page, while letting him take control of the process and lead communications with coaches. In this podcast, we discuss 5 important roles for you as a parent (1. Source of Knowledge; 2. Academic Advisor; 3. Financial Advisor; 4. Great Teammate; and 5. Source of Stability and Support) that will allow you to be involved without over-stepping your boundaries, irritating coaches, and hijacking the process from your son.

Bottom line: if you are trying to figure out how you can help your son find a college baseball fit, this episode is for you!


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