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Podcast EP 24: Keynote From Catching Academy Camp (12.1.18)

In this episode…

We play the audio from the keynote speech Keep Playing Baseball delivered to high school baseball players and their parents at the Catching Academy Camp in San Mateo, California on December 1, 2018. The talk hits on 4 big picture ideas that can be helpful for players throughout the recruiting process and also discusses the important role that parents play in the recruiting process. Follow along with the presentation slides here. We start with the 4 big picture ideas for players, which include:

1) Knowledge of self
2) Learning about college baseball and the recruiting process
3) Creating a personal recruiting plan
4) “Controlling the Controllables”: Keeping the focus on what you can control and controlling your reaction to what you can’t

For more on these 4 ideas in writing, read our blog post on the topic here.

Next, we dive into the appropriate role for parents in the recruiting process and talk about how parents can help with an incredibly important life decision without overstepping their boundaries and hijacking the process away from their sons. The five roles we discuss for parents in the recruiting process are:

1) Be a source of knowledge
2) Be an academic advisor
3) Be a source of stability and support
4) Be a financial advisor
5) Be a good teammate

We discuss these ideas at length in writing in a popular blog post, Parents’ Role in the Recruiting Process Part 3, which can be read here:


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