Think the Game

Think the Game Quiz No. 2

This week, we have another Think the Game quiz. Did you get the right answers to the following questions without looking back at past posts?

1. True or False? In a tie game with 2 outs, a runner on second should be aggressive and take off for 3rd on a ball in the dirt.

False. You’ll find the details here:

2. True or False? In an advantage count (like 2-0 or 3-0), a hitter should stick to his plan and not break down his swing, even if he realizes mid-swing that he has misjudged a pitch.

True. You’ll find the details here:

3. True or False? Man on first, 1 out, tie game in the bottom of the 8th inning. The runner on first has good speed, and the 7-hitter is at the plate. On a straight steal from first, it is important that the runner keeps his head down and toward second base to make sure he gets to second as quickly as possible.   

False. You’ll find the details here: