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Thankful for Family

By Ethan Guevin and Family
The holiday season provides us with a great opportunity to pause and recognize the importance of family. Baseball is unique among the major sports in the U.S., as the only sport not in season for the winter holidays. We are incredibly grateful for our KPB family, and the opportunity to spend the holiday season at home with our loved ones. As a cornerstone of KPB, the importance of family to our mission cannot be overstated. Whether it is from our parents and immediate family, our teammates, coaches or someone else we consider family, we have all had plenty of help in our baseball journeys. So, we thought this week would be a fitting time to share 6 ideas to help you show how much you value your baseball “family.”
1. Take time to thank your family members for their help and support in your baseball career! Time, money, encouragement, coaching… whatever the contributions your family members make, it would be hard for you to do what you do without them. A simple “thanks” goes a long way!
2. Ask family for help! Many family members are willing to help, but they may not know how. It’s easy for a sibling to soft-toss balls or roll ground balls to you. Just ask! 
3. Expand your baseball family! Invite a new teammate to the cages. Play catch with a different teammate. Get your coach, or someone who has been particularly helpful, a small gift. The best support system is a big support system. Bring someone new into your “baseball family”!
4. Share your love of the game with your family! Incorporate baseball into your family holiday traditions. A family game of wiffle ball or catch can be a great way to bond and burn off that big meal!
5. Take a younger sibling or family member under your wing. One of the best gifts you can give an interested younger family member is a personal baseball lesson from you. It’s free and can have a lifelong impact!
6. Enjoy the holidays with your family! Enjoy the rest and rejuvenation and take the time to be thankful for what you’ve got. The next season is right around the corner!
Happy holidays to you and your family! We’ll be back after the New Year with more great content to help you Keep Playing Baseball!