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What it Takes to Make the Team: Position-By-Position (2018)

Over the last few weeks, we have updated 10 articles detailing what it takes to make a college roster at every position on the field, including a breakdown of the skill sets required of both starting pitchers and relievers. Our What it Takes to Make the Team’ series is meant to give you a position-by-position breakdown of what is expected at the next level. While every coach values skills and constructs lineups differently, these articles aim to give you a better understanding of the standards required to play at the next level so you can set out to meet and exceed them. Below, you can find links to the articles for every position on the diamond.
Since versatility is a major key to earning playing time as a first year college player, we suggest you take some time to read through them all. You would be surprised how many high school infielders become outfielders and how many high school center fielders become corner outfielders. Knowing what is expected of every position will not only help make your transition to college easier, it can help prepare you for a position your college coach may ask you to play for the first time. KPB will let you know where the bar is set, so you can get to work on the skills that will allow you to keep playing baseball!