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Lessons From Alex (2018)

What if you could learn from the mistakes and success of other recruits and use their lessons to improve your experiences as a college baseball prospect going through the recruiting process? What if we told you that these lessons would be extremely valuable for you and help you find a college baseball fit? Would you take the time to read the stories and learn the lessons? This collection of articles provides you with that very opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. KPB’s player-to-player model is all about helping you learn from those who have been in your shoes and successfully made it to college baseball.  

You may remember our friend, Alex. Alex is a recruit, just like you. We made him up to tell you real life stories that college coaches have told us about recruits. Alex’s stories explain what college recruiters are looking for, what they don’t want to see from recruits, and other important lessons about the recruiting process. These lessons are so important, we wanted to circle back on his story and put all the lessons in one place for you to see. Below is a list of the lessons and link to each full story. We hope they help! 

Title: Even Little Things Matter To Recruiters 

Lesson: Everything matters. There are no small details in the recruiting process. 

Title:Your Appearance Matters to Recruiters 

Lesson: Coaches will make judgments about you as a player and person based on your appearance and body language. Make it a lasting positive image. 

Title:Recruiters Want Players Who Stay Focused 

Lesson: Coaches want to see you stay in the present from start to finish. Show them that you can stay focused for the entire time you are at the field. 

Title:Recruiters are Looking for Tools: Always Run A Hard 90 

Lesson: Recruiters aren’t just looking for hits and strikeouts. They are looking at how your skills play out at their level. Don’t leave them guessing. Leave it all on the field. 

Title:Recruiters Want Players Who Can Handle Failure 

Lesson: Recruiters want to see how you handle the ups and downs. You can make a positive impression on a recruiter, even when you fail. 

Title: Recruiters Want Players Who Respect Others 

Lesson: Coaches want to see you treat everyone with respect. Parents, coaches, teammates, umpires, siblings and anyone else you interact with included. 

Title: Recruiters Want Players with Clean Social Media 

Lesson: Above all else, recruiters are looking for players with quality character who will represent them and the school well. Make sure when they check your social media accounts, they won’t find any red flags or cause for concern. 

Title:Five Ways To Show Your Skills to Recruiters 

Lesson: There is no single way to impress a recruiter. Do your best and follow these tips at all times. 

Title:Your Transcript Tells Coaches More Than You Think 

 Lesson: The most important thing you can show coaches is good grades and test scores. Without them, nothing else matters. 

Title: The Danger of Emotional Decision-Making 

Lesson: Your college decision should be grounded in rational, fact-based decision-making. When the emotion wears off, make sure the reality you are left with matches what you want in a college program.