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College Baseball Scholarship Basics



Wondering how likely it is that you’ll get a full-ride scholarship? Curious about what your baseball scholarship will cover? This short video will answer these questions and more in providing you with a quick overview of college baseball scholarships. Want more specific information? Follow up by reading our other scholarship resources below! If you still have questions after that, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Note: COVID-related changes to scholarship totals at the D1 level have been extended through the 2022 season (rosters capped at 40 for spring, 32 counters instead of 27, 25% scholarship rule is gone). While COVID-related changes are ongoing, the most notable change to scholarships during the pandemic is that rosters are impacted, resources are tight, and athletic scholarships are harder than ever to come by.

Listen to us talk about scholarship basics on the KPB Podcast by clicking play below!

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